The Future of Fashion – Promoting the Circular Economy

THE FUTURE OF FASHION – Promoting circular economy

We are happy to announce our event by invitation during the Berlin Fashion Week.

Establishing a circular economy offers huge potential for everything from conserving resources and reducing costs to implementing new business models.

Breaking the link between economic growth and the consumption of resources is a core element of sustainable transformation. The aim is to move away from a linear economy and linear ways of working in favor of a sustainable yet profitable circular economy. Closed loops generate new business models, while conserving or reusing resources leads to cost reductions. 

Approaches and ways towards a circular supply chain.

Explore how circular economy practices are reshaping the textile industry. Discover innovative solutions, network with experts, and lead the way in sustainable fashion. Join us to redefine the future of fashion.


Key Event Highlights:

  • In-depth discussions on circular economy models tailored for textiles.
  • Expert insights into sustainable sourcing and supply chain redesign.
  • Showcase of innovative materials and technologies transforming to a circular industry.
  • Networking opportunities with professionals leading the way in sustainable fashion.


registration and welcome drink sponsored by Delinat

by the Embassy of Sweden, hessnatur Stiftung

moderation: Cläre Caspar, PLATTE Berlin

18:20 KEYNOTE 
    Rolf Heimann, hessnatur Stiftung: recycling vs circular economy
    Åsa Degerman, Södra

19:00 PING PONG DISCUSSION: think innovatively and implement new business models
    Ralf Hellmann and Jan Lamme, cibutex/dibella 
    Susanne Nejderås, science park borås

19:20 PANEL DISCUSSION: potentials and challenges in practical implementation of circularity
    Prof. Stefan Schlichter, TH Augsburg
    Thomas Böschen, Texiad
     Ina Budde,
     Åsa Degerman, Södra
moderation: Rolf Heimann, hessnatur Stiftung

exchange ideas and learn from each other, enjoy drinks sponsored by Delinat and Swedish appetizers 
music by Foley @foley_kontrabass

Live-Stream of the seminar via YouTube:

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